Dear Dish ... And so began our “letters to the editor” section.

Dear Dish ... And so began our “letters to the editor” section.

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And with Mike's note, we begin our "letters to the editor" section.

"Dear Dish,

The Crush Letter No. 9 was engaging as always.

No article about sex and music is complete without this*. Period.

XO, @miketrap

*Roxy Music's Avalon


Dear Mike,

The whole Avalon album {Roxy Music}? Why?

XO, Dish



The whole album is just wonderful, at turns tender, energetic, sophisticated, and gritty. It's a walk up Columbus Avenue in New York, on a Fall evening ripe with youthful possibility. The song Avalon in particular has a dreamy quality to it that just helps you escape yourself, as does To Turn You On.

Could be it just reminds me of that time, but I really do think there's something in the music, as in so much of Brian Ferry's later work.





Ummm. Yeah, I did enjoy that. Hopefully it was good for my iroha + tori too.


{Not really. I did not really actually write that last part back to Mike. If I had, who knows whether he would ever write to Dear Dish again. And he is the guy who gave us his Bad Girl Pasta Recipe a couple weeks ago. So we need him in our Crush community. However dear Crush readers, between you and me (don't tell Mike!), that is a precisely accurate state of affairs. Read about my relationship with my iroha + tori here.}

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