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Founding Subscribers

The Crush Letter is a free weekly newsletter with curated intelligence and stories on all things love – friendship, romance, self-love, sex. We come to your inbox on Thursdays in order to make your relationships – and week end – better.

A “Founding Subscriber” is one of our first 300 subscribers to The Crush Letter. We will only ever have 300. To show our appreciation for their help pre-launch, we are sending Founding Subscribers Love Gift Boxes. This is our premium subscription, and we will always treat our Founding Subscribers with love. We will be looking for ways going forward to continue to show them our love and appreciation.

How do we hope that Founding Subscribers will help us launch? When they subscribe, we ask them to tell us a little about themselves, who they watch/listen to/read, what their current relationship situation is and other demographics. Going forward, we are going to invite them to share their feedback on our issues, as well as share more with us on their lives, likes and loves.

If you’re reading this, then you heard about us from someone who received a pre-launch invite and we’d love to have you as a Founding Subscriber. There are only a limited number left.