Hit us with your best shot.

So…you read all about us and you want to be a part of our conversation? Send us your stories!

We are always open to intelligent, honest, heart-felt, witty personal essays about love, sex and connection from men, women and, of course, those who choose not to identify. We are open to everyone, though we’re dedicated to midlife experiences, believing it’s an area currently lacking in our media and pop culture. Our sweet spot is 600 – 800 words unless otherwise indicated. We pay upon publication.

More specifically...

Love: Love in all forms, from traditional to “nontraditional”—we want to hear your story. This may include marriage, family, friendship, and so much more.

Sex: Sex in midlife; struggles and successes; kink and BDSM; tips, tricks, funny, discovery—and everything in between (the sheets).

Friendship: We know every friendship is unique. Tell us a story about yours, good, not so good, and unexpected.

LGBTQ+: It should go without saying, we honor every form of love and connection.

Book, movie, television series, podcast reviews (200 – 400 words): We are interested in reviews for all popular culture media about love, sex and connection to help our readers figure out what to watch as well as how to build the perfect library. That includes classics (The Story of O), new erotica fiction, new memoirs, sexual how-to’s, self-improvement books on love and friendship. If there’s something you’d like to review and you don’t see it on the list, please send it our way.

Product reviews (200 – 400 words): Sex toys, condoms, lubricants, vibrators, penis toys, games, products for couples and for solo days and nights.

Art: We welcome unique artwork from all mediums and would love to publish your work. (We are open-minded, but no explicit porn, please.)

Publishers & Producers: Please contact us at submissions@primecrush.com if you would like us to review your book, show, podcast or product.

Fire away.

Feel free to submit all of the above to submissions@primecrush.com.

If you are a writer open to assignments, or have an idea for an essay or ongoing column, please send us an email introducing yourself and with links to your writing samples. We welcome pseudonyms.

Fine print: Please know we are not offering kill fees for assignments at this time. We pay upon publication.