AMPLIFY!  The 12 Sex With Emily Podcast Episodes CRUSH Readers Can't Miss.  By Dish Stanley

AMPLIFY! The 12 Sex With Emily Podcast Episodes CRUSH Readers Can't Miss. By Dish Stanley

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Introduction to the Podcast Sex With Emily.

Redefine Your Comfort Zone: The 12 Sex With Emily Podcasts That PrimeCrush Readers Should Get On Top Of.

This series highlights the best episodes from our favorite podcasts. One of them is Sex With Emily hosted by Sex Expert Dr. Emily Morse.  Every one is worth a serious listen, but I have picked out the {11} invaluable episodes that CRUSH Readers who want to be good in bed really.can't.miss.

If Sex With Emily isn’t on your must-listen podcast list already, you may want to add it.

After searching for and listening through countless podcasts on sexual guidance and technique to recommend to CRUSH Readers, Sex With Emily stands out. It’s not too academic or full of dull, impractical theories, though many podcasts are.  It is not affiliated with a religion, and a surprising number are.  It makes learning about sex fun—and sexy.

Dr. Emily offers practical ways to get outside your comfort zone, but more than that, she can help you redefine your comfort zone. Sex With Emily is the longest-running podcast about sex and relationships, and its mix of interviews and call-in questions covers a lot of ground.

I have listened through Sex With Emily to pick out the absolute best of the best, and most relevant for the CRUSH audience.  Stay tuned to this column over the coming weeks because I will be sharing with you all of the can’t-miss episodes, starting here.

Amplify! Sex With Emily Podcast:{No. 5} Sex W/Comedians

Episode Date September 24, 2021 (52 Minutes)

Ever wonder if comedians are funny in bed? Emily talks to four comedians about their sex lives, and hilarity inevitably ensues. But, as luck would have it, comedians struggle with the same problems as many of us do: not having enough time and feeling insecure and anxious.

Who They Are.

Dean McDermott: Married to Tori Spelling and dad of six, Dean McDermott talks about how he keeps his sex life hot.

Nicky Paris: Nicky Paris shares a podcast with Dean and has never been in a relationship. He blames his Catholic guilt and tendency to be overly picky.

Margaret Cho: In addition to being a famous comedian, Margaret Cho is a long-time BDSM enthusiast who’s also a lifelong submissive. She jokes about how being Korean is having a moment right now, being in a sexless marriage, and the fact that she wants to stay single for the rest of her life.

Adam Ferrera: Famed for his role on Nurse Jackie, Adam Ferrera talks about sex and anxiety.

Best lines:

13:37 Dean, “I’m hung like a light switch. God is a cosmic joker.”

14:34 Emily, “Best sex tip?” Nicky, “Make sure there are towels and a Xanax close.”

20:23 Margaret, re: dick pics: “Sending disembodied genitalia, it’s like what is going on?” Emily, “I don’t want to see a dick in the wild. I don’t know this dick!”

25:34 Margaret, “To me, that discovery is just as sexy as the sex itself… The explanation of the things that you enjoy says a lot about you… To be able to share that is incredibly erotic and really intimate and really beautiful. And when you can be that vulnerable, you become very strong.”

28:20 Margaret, “If you look at the clitoris and you say, ‘where does the clitoris start?’ I think mine starts at the sole of my foot.”

40:21 Adam, “Here’s the thing that works for us: I know her crazy. She knows my crazy… and I know the way we function as a unit.”

Listen to this episode if: you want to hear lighthearted anecdotes about seriously relatable sexual issues.

‎Sex With Emily: Sex w/ Comedians on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Sex With Emily, Ep Sex w/ Comedians - Sep 24, 2021

Amplify! Sex With Emily Podcast:{No 4} Turn Yourself On With Esther Perel

Episode Date August 31, 2021 (57 Minutes)

Esther Perel has a magical way of bringing the contradictions of modern sex to light. Why does whatever is forbidden suddenly become erotic? Why does the partner who makes you feel emotionally safe also make you feel bored in the bedroom? Can risk and excitement co-exist with stability and reliability?

Esther talks about the crisis of desire, where the demands on our relationships grow longer as our lifespans grow longer. A lack of desire—or the temptation to look elsewhere to satisfy sexual desire—can feel almost inevitable. She rejects the notion that good sex is about trying new positions but instead believes it’s about harnessing your imagination.

Want to have more orgasms? Esther recommends that you find something to boost your ego. For Esther, pleasurable sex and self-worth are inextricably linked.

Best lines:

6:37 “‘Can we want what we already have is the fundamental question of desire.”
9:22 “We have the idea that sexual needs and emotional needs are one and the same and they always go neatly aligned together, and that is not necessarily the case.”
13:24 “Women have [had] sex for centuries and felt nothing. So, desire is not the desire to ‘do it.’”
15:43 “I’m interested in the erotic dimension of sex, the poetics, the meaning of it. Not what you do. The same gesture in sex can be ultimately pleasurable…and it can be utterly cringey. It’s not this gesture versus that; it’s the context.”
18:33 “Pleasure is not about the outcome.”
31:51 “The soulmate model says, ‘We have everything we need with each other. You’re my one and only. You fulfill all my needs.’ And that is a recipe for catastrophe.”
45:44 “The beautiful thing about fantasy is that you are at the same time the author and the protagonist and the director. You get to play all the roles.”

Listen to this episode if You want to learn how to turn yourself on, become more curious, and understand sex as a way to feel alive.

‎Sex With Emily: Turn Yourself On w/ Esther Perel on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Sex With Emily, Ep Turn Yourself On w/ Esther Perel - Aug 31, 2021

Amplify! Sex With Emily Podcast:{No 3} Seducing the Booty With Alicia Sinclair

Episode Date: August 24, 2021 (52 Minutes)

Anal is no longer a niche interest—it’s in the mainstream. But information about why anal is so popular is not as prevalent. Dr. Emily talks with b-Vibe Founder Alicia Sinclair about how to have an anal orgasm and get ready for anal sex because, yes, it takes preparation.

Coming From Behind

There’s a commonly held misconception that if you’re interested in exploring anal, the first stop is penetrative sex. However, for most people, that’s not a good idea. Anal training, which is the process of gradually working up toward anal sex, can mean the difference between painful anal sex and an anal orgasm.

Pain shouldn’t be a part of the anal sex equation. Rather, it’s a sign that you’re not ready for the activity yet. Dr. Emily and Alicia outline ways to problem solve pain and get to climax. They also have tips so that you aren’t worried about your digestive system when things take a sexy turn.

Best lines:

0:08 Emily, “73% of respondents said they want to learn more about anal play.”

5:05 Alicia, “My first experiences with anal play were not pleasurable because I didn’t have any type of knowledge or understanding of what makes anal play pleasurable. I just thought…that this was like something you did for your partner…that you got drunk and grinned and bear it.”

7:12 Alicia, “Your finger is your best sex toy…Playing with yourself allows you to be a giver and receiver. You can control depth; you can control frequency.”

22:39 Alicia, “Think about butt plugs as yoga stretches. You’re going to go further, you’re going to take your time, and you’re going to listen to your body and do it when it’s appropriate for you and feels good. It’s not a race.”

24:17 Emily, “It’s playful; it’s a buildup. You don’t just jump right into anal. You get to build up to it, and that’s fun.”

38:45 Alicia, “Kegels will not only strengthen your vaginal canal but also strengthen your entire pelvic hammock, so you get everything: the butt and the vagina.”

Listen to this episode if: You want expert advice on how to maximize anal pleasure.

‎Sex With Emily: Seducing the Booty w/ Alicia Sinclair on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Sex With Emily, Ep Seducing the Booty w/ Alicia Sinclair - Aug 24, 2021

Amplify! Sex With Emily Podcast: {No 2} Meditation Is a Lubrication, With Light Watkins

Episode Date: May 21, 2021 (59 Minutes)

Meditation’s benefits go beyond curbing anxiety. Meditation can help you react to negative consequences and adapt to them, making you more effective, resilient, and happier in the long run. Better yet, meditation’s advantages can help you find more sexual satisfaction, too.

Quieting the Mind and Firing Up the Desire
Dr. Emily talks to Light Watkins about meditation, happiness, and sex. He thinks that happiness is a muscle that needs exercise, and meditation is the best workout.
If you can change your relationship to your thoughts, you have power over your insecurities, stress, and whatever inhibits your sexual desire. Light talks about how to reverse-engineer gratitude so that challenges aren’t as daunting and so that you can live in a mostly permanent state of appreciation.

Best Lines:

10:34 Light, “Overreacting is the death of a relationship—a series of overreactions. Because what you’re doing is making people not feel seen or heard.”

15:52 Emily, “When you are having sex, it can be a meditative experience that you’re not actually thinking about.”

22:08 Light, “Everyone is disciplined at something, but the question is: is that thing good for you? Is it good for the world? I would argue that someone who is binge-watching Netflix shows on the regular is disciplined at binge-watching Everyone has discipline with something; the question is: is it adding value to your life or not?”

24:20 Light, “‘I don’t have time’ is like Raiders of the Lost Arc, it’s like Star Wars. It’s not real! It sounds great; it’s exciting to say ‘I don’t have time,’ but it’s a fictional story.”

37:53 Light, “Most people will…treat the mind as though it’s wrong for thinking thoughts. What the masters are proficient at doing is making love to their mind to treating their mind not as the enemy but as their beautiful partner in this meditation journey.”

35:05 Light, “Stress is the reason why you can’t get it up at night…and meditation is like kryptonite to stress. Stress cannot survive in a deeply meditated nervous system.”

Listen to this episode if: You’ve been waiting for the right moment to commit to meditation practice.

‎Sex With Emily: Meditation Is a Lubrication w/ Light Watkins on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Sex With Emily, Ep Meditation Is a Lubrication w/ Light Watkins - May 21, 2021

Amplify! Sex With Emily Podcast: {No 1} Winner, Winner, Sex Before Dinner.

Episode Date: March 19, 2021 (35 minutes)

Some sex advice is vague to the point of ridiculousness, like: “be more creative!” It’s tough to be creative when you’ve had sex with the same person for years. This podcast episode is the opposite of vague. It has ideas you can implement next time you have sex (eg, next month, this week end, tonight—or, come to think of it, even right this minute).

Original Ideas for Spicing Things Up

From using pillows to help access your G-spot to using sex toys to make oral sex even more intense, this episode is dedicated to proving that long-term, monogamous sex can be anything but boring.

Emily gives helpful pointers for roleplaying fantasies that you wouldn’t necessarily want to fulfill in real life. You’ll also find out how to make doggy style more intimate and pleasurable for women.

Best lines:

6:09 “Your dirty talk is like a sexual narration of your fantasies… For those of you that get stuck on dirty talk…when you have a scenario that you guys can get into and play back and forth, it’s really hot. And you don’t have to make it up.”

7:59 “Couples that play together stay together.”

8:10 “Have sex before dinner. So, the sex happens, and then you go out to dinner, and you’re satiated from the sex, you’re not thinking about it anymore. And then you go out and have a great night.”

11:00 “There’s a great intensity and closeness when you actually can look into your partner’s eyes. So, this might be the connection you need during doggy style to take it to the next level.”

21:19 “So many of our sexual challenges are around finding the right words to communicate, and not only that, continuing to communicate and taking it to the next level. Sometimes we think, ‘Well, I talked about it! And therefore, it’s done, and my partner’s going to understand what I’m saying.’ I think when we really tell our partners the things we think we cannot say, that’s when the vulnerability happens, the connection. And, it enhances intimacy…Life is too short for bad sex.”

Listen to this episode if: You’ve read all the latest sex tips and you want to try something new and fresh. Listen here

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