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Hook Ups

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“Hook Ups” is an ongoing feature introducing our readers to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Hook Ups: Meet Lulu Rose, Founder of Good Intentions Crystal Candle Co.

Humorously explain your job.

During the day, I’m covered in PPE treating patients in a hospital setting, and at night I douse myself in wax and rocks to calm down. I actually felt called to start this business last year during the pandemic, when I thought to myself, “My goodness, I need to do something for a living that’s not traumatic!”

For how many years?

I started Good Intentions in February of 2021. Outside of the business, I have been a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and Board-Certified Music Therapist for nearly three years, and have been a performing singer-songwriter for over ten years.

How do you infuse your products with good vibes?

Every one of my candles is made individually by hand. When I am working on a batch, I make sure to create a calm and safe environment: I burn palo santo, play good music, and light my own candles. I also practice a Reiki ritual prior to touching any of my products, so that everything I touch is infused with loving and healing energy. Additionally, I cleanse all my items with palo santo smoke, and all of my water-friendly crystals are cleansed in our Moonwater as well.

What makes your products different or special from others on the market?

Aside from being one of the only completely vegan and ethically-sourced crystal candle companies, all of my products are, quite literally, crafted with “good intentions.” Every one of my candles is designed so that a particular intention or wish can be set. For example, my candle “Steady Love” contains rose quartz crystals and dried rosebuds and petals. This candle is crafted to be burnt when calling upon love—whether it is love you want to give or receive—and I can’t tell you how many people have told me the intentions they set when lighting their candle manifested themselves in real life. (These products are only designed for setting good intentions, not attempting to cast spells or bring negativity upon any individuals, of course).

This can also be seen with my “Blessings on Blessings” candle, which contains green aventurine for money and abundance manifestation, or with “Divinely Protected,” “Burn for Heartache,” and “Dreamland.” And of course, each item I create is blessed with good energy prior to production and shipping.

What’s the one takeaway you can give our readers about the importance of good intentions in our everyday lives?

There is a quote that says, “You spend most of your life in your head, make it a nice place to be.” Setting intentions and calling upon positive energy can be extremely potent, especially when it comes to healing work. By surrounding yourself with positivity, trust, and “good vibes,” you are creating a world in which you feel happy, healthy, and safe living in. I attempt to nurture this concept in my company, Reiki healing, music therapy, and in all my counselling and healthcare work.

What is one simple thing anyone can do today to bring good vibes into their home?

One simple thing that can be done in the home is to designate a “sacred place”. This could be your entire house, or even just one corner or area of the home. I like to make my space sacred by making sure it feels cozy, personalized, and safe. I typically start by clearing clutter from my area. Then I will smudge the space with palo santo (my personal preference), burn one of my homemade candles, and play music I connect to in that moment (sometimes even my own, but anything that gets you in a good state of mind). This ritual will look different for everybody, but the importance of designating one area to be personal and relaxing can change the whole vibe of a space.

Best way to reach you? (Site/Social/Email)?

Instagram: @goodintentionscrystalcandleco
Facebook: Good Intentions Crystal Candle Co.
Email for all other inquiries or custom orders: contact@goodintentionscrystalcandleco.com

Special code for PrimeCrush readers:

All first-time customers can get 10% off my entire site using the code ‘MANIFESTING’.

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Hook Ups: Meet Kate Porter, Founder of Burning Desire Shop

Humorously explain your job.

I would say I’m a witch in plain clothing! I love to manifest love and light, and love to make people feel their very best. Whether it be through transformative skincare, makeup, or through my Burning Desire products. The collection includes candles, rituals, bath soaks and body scrubs that promote manifesting all your greatest desires--even love. Many products are accompanied by spells to strengthen the intention for whatever you manifest. I am always conjuring up new things to pamper and uplift my clients’ spirits.

For how many years?

I started Burning Desire Shop in 2021.

What does a love spell do?

My love spell--which can be ordered on the site with the candles--was designed to help manifest love in all aspects in your life. It could be used for self-love, finding true love, a lover, or making someone fall in love with you. The manifesting of your true desires is endless and up to you. What are you seeking in your life? The ritual has no guarantee, but it’s fun to dream and meditate and be clear on your desires. It certainly can’t hurt:) Many clients have said it works. So, I guess you’ll have to try it for yourself and find out.

How important is “desire” in our daily life?

Desire is extremely important in life as it’s what drives us in almost every arena. We desire money, we desire a lover, we desire happiness, so on and so forth. Without desire, we would be dead inside. It is the fuel to our fire. It’s so important that I’ve built a business around it, and I’ve designed spells and tools to help others achieve their deepest, most burning desires, as well.

How super-sexy are sustainable, nontoxic products?

I am obsessed with clean beauty and sustainable, non-toxic products. My candles are made with beeswax and the tins are reusable or can be recycled responsibly. I also use beeswax for my candles and ethically sourced herbs and flowers for my products. I use Epsom salts and essential oils for my soaks and scrubs.

Best way to reach you?

Learn more & view products:


Instagram: @burningdesiresshop

Phone: 323-899-2143

Prices vary and don’t include shipping. First-time PrimeCrush clients will receive 10% off their first order using code CRUSH10.

Hook Ups: Meet Carrie Pasquarello, CEO & Co-Founder of Global Secure Resources.  By Dish Stanley

Please tell us what you do.

I empower travelers to see the world in a safer and more secure way, with Wandersafe.

For how many years?

I launched Global Secure Resources Inc. in 2014 but have been strategizing safety for more than 20 years. The WanderSafe Beacon has been in production since 2018.

How does the WanderSafe make traveling better and safer?

I focus on risk mitigation and have incorporated the WanderSafe Beacon as one of my go-to safety tools. The primary purpose of the handheld device is to de-escalate a situation, alert, and distract a possible attacker with light, sound, and a special SOS function that notifies preselected emergency contacts. When we are proactive with safety and security we can travel better.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, grab and go. Keep your cell phone hands free in your Stashbandz (my other favorite safety tool) and keep your beacon handy. The WanderSafe ecosystem gives its user the tools required to diffuse a potential threat and get help faster. The user can illuminate a situation with a brilliant lumen torch, distract with the strobe feature, attract attention with a 130db blaring siren, and discreetly and silently send SOS notifications to a preset safety tribe using Bluetooth via the free WanderSafe companion app. As a woman who travels extensively on my own, I value smart stress-free travel.

How important is it for women to have a hand in developing products specifically for women’s safety and wellness?

It is imperative for women to be on the design and development side of safety and security products. After all, we know what we need to feel safe. After spending 12 years living and working in Europe and Asia, along with time spent as a crisis counselor, my experiences shaped the way I travel and how I teach others to navigate the world. I encourage more women to enter the safety and security field and find leadership positions. Traditionally the security field has been male-dominated.

Best way to purchase (or reach you)?
Promo Code: 10% off for PrimeCrush Readers!
WanderSafe promo code: BeSafe10

Email: info@globalsecureresources.com
Instagram: @global_s_r

Hook Ups: Meet Theola Wong, Founder & Creative Director of Moon Babe Blankets

Humorously explain your job.

I help tired and overloaded moms channel their energy into good magic for babies via warm snuggly blankets “crafted to conjure up good vibes”.

Your products are inspired and created “by the good witch in all of us”. How did you come up with that as an idea for your business?

I am a firm believer that the objects in our homes should be meaningful, and add value to our lives. All of our products are created with the intention to help moms and babes focus energy in a healthy, positive and productive way.

I like to think our blankets are like a magic wand: created and designed as a tool to help you focus on the moment through gratitude, recognize and live your values with creativity, and raise your emotional and physical energy through protection and love.

Does someone do a blessing or cast a good spell over the products?

Me! I personally wrap up every blanket with an intention. It’s a little different each time depending on who it’s going to or if I know anything about them, but it always gets a wish or blessing before being sent out our door.

Tell us about the magical, mystical power of love?

A parent’s love is one of the most powerful energies in existence, and magic is about channeling that energy to fulfill our goals. It’s about intentionally willing change for you and your family, and consciously using your resolve to create the world you want to live in. Love can bless us with the ability to transform negative into positive, and I think as parents that’s what we want. The ability to help our children navigate and experience the world.

As a new mother, what’s surprised you as the sexiest thing about motherhood?

I have never been more proud of my body. Before I had the baby, I used to be a pretty serious fitness and health food enthusiast. At the time, I would say that I had never felt stronger or healthier in my entire life. But after having my baby I have a completely different understanding of what “strong” really means. I am in love with the shapes and the curves that my son has blessed me with. Though I may not yet be able to do all the things I was able to do before (like, jumping jacks, forget it!) I have never felt more beautiful. I love every inch of my body because it made the most beautiful thing I have ever known in my life. I feel powerful and feminine at the same time.

Also, what if I wanted to buy one for my dog?

Dogs are babes, too!

Best way to reach you?


Instagram: @moonbabeblankets

Promo Code for PrimeCrush Readers:  TELEPORT for free shipping :)

Hook Ups: Meet Heather Fink, Founder & CEO of The Sexiest Beauty

Humorously explain your job.

I create beauty products for the artistic pursuits, pleasure and empowerment of my fellow humans.

For how many years?

I've been creating beauty for over 30 years.

Why the “Sexiest” beauty? (Why not the “Prettiest” beauty?)

"Pretty" is what you look like on the outside, it’s surface appearance. "Sexy" comes from the inside, it’s much deeper and more complex. It’s how you feel.  It's an attitude. It's what you do, think and say.  #SexyIsAsSexyDoes. It’s a state of mind and actions.

My mission for the brand is to tap into and enhance that connection with your authentic inner self through the transformative power of beauty. We embrace the unconventionally, daringly unique individual. Being true to yourself.  That's much more interesting.

What’s the sexiest thing you can think of about people in their mid-to-later years?

We are more in tune with ourselves, more authentic. It's not a competition any more. We are finally learning to embrace and love ourselves and fellow humans for who we are. Self-love is sexy.  We're softer, gentler, kinder. Kindness is definitely sexy.

You sign your emails with “Be safe, Stay sexy”—why is staying sexy important, especially as we get older?

Staying sexy is about that mindset, that attitude, that feeling. It's ageless. Of course, society infers that as we age, we lose "it". But I beg to differ. It may evolve as we age, but more like a fine wine as we settle into ourselves. And that goes for everyone, because there is still unfortunately a lot of work to be done to reinforce body-positivity, diversity and inclusion for all humans.  So, I sign off with that reminder, "Stay sexy". You already are, and don't you forget it.

Tell us about the power of a good lipstick?

The power of a good lipstick is like a superhero's cape, a suit of confidence armor. I adore this quote from Issa Rae: “Any time that I have a bright [lipstick], I’m like, ‘Here I am. Who’s ready for me?’ Even if no one’s ready.”  I feel I can go out and conquer the world, or at least my next Zoom meeting, with one swipe of lipstick.

Your lips communicate your personality and intentions to the world. A bold red imparts instant glamour and va-va-voom, while a soft rosy nude gives the perfect sophisticated polish. Whatever message you want to convey to the world can be done with the subtle innuendo of a thoughtfully selected lipstick. That’s powerful!

And lastly, a good lipstick empowers the words you speak. While some say the eyes are the window to the soul, I believe that lips are the doorway to your truth. Your words have power!  So, I want to hear you #SpeakYourSexy with those fabulous lips of yours.  I’m listening!

Heather Fink of The Sexiest Beauty #SpeakYourSexy

Best way to reach Heather:

IG @thesexiestbeauty

Email Info@thesexiestbeauty.com

Website www.thesexiestbeauty.com

For PrimeCrush Readers:  Heather is graciously offering us Code STAYSEXY20 for 20% off sitewide!

Hook Ups: Meet Barrie Rosencrans, Spa Director & Dharma Yoga Teacher

Humorously explain your job.

I help clients “get happy” and feel their best from the inside out.

For how many years?

I have been Spa Director for three years and a yoga teacher for 10.

How important is self-care for a good sex life?

Sexual vibrancy and sexual vitality definitely can be enhanced with a healthy mind, body and diet. Healthy blood, cardiovascular system and skin are all enhanced with great nutrition and physical fitness. Taking care of your body with massages relieves tension, promotes relaxation. Additionally, relaxing your body through meditation and yoga can help you to feel more confident, self-aware and mindful, which can lead to better intimacy and relationships.

Can spa treatments for couples help to build intimacy?

Yes, of course, absolutely they do! Massages during foreplay even lead to better sex! The sensation of the human touch is very sensual, which can even turn to sexual. It depends on where the mind takes it.

Are there any yoga poses that help with good sex?

Yoga is an amazing way to connect with a partner, physically, spiritually and, yes, even sexually. Yoga tones up your body, softens your mind, brings energy force inside, increases circulation, relaxes both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Many poses in the yoga philosophy require the yogi to pull up the perineum muscle, and engage by pulling the belly button to spine upon exhalation. These techniques of inner-muscle engagement strengthen the core of the body. When the inner muscles are stronger the orgasm can be enhanced. One other thought regarding intimacy, yoga is a one-pointed, mindful activity that brings your focus to the present moment, as if this moment was the best moment in the world and nothing else matters. If one can exercise that mentality with themselves, then they can also duplicate the sensation with a partner during sex. True focus in the present moment can make for a more intimate moment.

Best way to reach you?

Instagram @barrieroseyoga or via email barrie@yourwalden.com. I offer private Zoom classes, in person classes and all the services at the spa. Visit yourwalden.com for more info.

Hook Ups: Meet Hilary Harley, Astrologer

Humorously explain your job.

I explain people to themselves. After exhausting all mainstream therapies, crisis-driven people seek my advice as a last resort to finally gain clarity, understanding about their purpose and situations.

For how many years?


How important is astrology for the perfect love match?

For love relationships to last, astrology is EXTREMELY important. Coordinating Sun, Moon and Rising signs give a basis for mutual understanding and shared acceptance.

For June, are there any days that stand out for love and sex?

For flings, one night stands and quickies: June is YOUR month! From June 1-21 (due to dominant Gemini energy, the June 10th eclipse and Mercury retrograde until June 22nd all challenging dreamy Neptune) this month is super flirtatious, romantically playful and a real sexual fantasyland. Forget—just fuhgettabout—any expectations for lasting romances begun in June. Romance is fleeting and fantastical this month with zero staying power.

What are the hottest astrological love matches in the zodiac?

The fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. However, mix a Scorpio with any one of those signs and it is a BONFIRE.

Any special love/relationship warnings?

If you’re seeking long-term love, wait until the end of June (after June 23rd) for a first connection or date. July and August are infinitely better for creating lasting romantic partnerships. As always, show up honest and real. TRUST your gut and intuition. Ask: Does he/she/they make you feel alive, SOULFUL, light you up from the inside out? If not, expect disillusionment and disappointment.

Best way to reach you?

My website www.hilaryharley.com or directly at hilary@hilaryharley.com. I offer astrology natal/birth charts, current forecasts and solar return readings to understand what’s happening for you right now!

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